Tickets to walk through LACMA’s Rain Room are going fast

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Tickets to walk through LACMA’s Rain Room are going fast

The Rain Room at LACMA hasn’t opened yet, but it’s already booked for most weekends through January, a representative for the museum said.

Callers trying to buy tickets to the Rain Room — which opens Sunday — reported being put on hold for up to an hour. Only seven people are allowed into the exhibition for 15 minutes at a time.

The London-based arts collective Random International devised and built the exhibition, a torrent of water and sound in which sensors detect the presence of visitors and stop the rain from falling directly on them. There is a roughly 6-foot radius of dry ground around each person, as the rain rages on around them.

A LACMA representative advised getting tickets online, although ‘server busy’ messages sometimes appear. On Thursday afternoon, a trip to the ticketing page showed that the next available reservation was for Nov. 17 at 12:45 p.m. Tickets are a $10 or $15 upgrade to an existing general admission ticket (or a Frank Gehry ticket) for a 15-minute experience. The Rain Room will be open through March 6.

Each day the museum will offer day-of tickets to members, but those tickets are expected to go early each morning.

Once visitors have made their reservation, they should show up early enough to retrieve their tickets from the ticket office and to arrive at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA a few minutes before their reservation time. With a ticket in hand, there is no wait to enter the installation.

If you miss your reservation, there is no guarantee that you’ll get in later that day or on another day. And don’t wear high-heeled shoes — they aren’t allowed.

Source publication: Los Angeles Times