Wasserman Serve Day 2021

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Wasserman Serve Day 2021

Casey Wasserman and the Wasserman Foundation hosted the 11th Annual Wasserman Serve Day on October 7, 2021. Over 600 Wasserman employees volunteered in 21 service projects in 19 cities across 6 countries. Wasserman volunteers have completed 85 projects over the last 11 years for Wasserman Serve Day. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page!


9 Wasserman employees spent the day in the dirt, helping to install native plants, remove invasive species, and spread mulch & compost.



21 Wasserman employees gathered to restore the Boston Nature Center’s trails and other public spaces by picking up trash, pruning overgrown plants, laying mulch around trees, spreading crushed rock on trails, cleaning up children’s learning areas and other general landscaping.


30 Wasserman employees gathered to beautify a caretaker’s home at Oceanside Ivey Ranch Park Association, a nonprofit that provides educational and recreational activities to those of all ages with and without disabilities.



5 Wasserman Employees gathered in Chicago to provide Oakley Square Apartments with a safe place for their youth to play in.



15 Wasserman employees gathered to spruce up three cottages at Epworth Children’s Home, a place for foster children to grow, learn and be loved.



2 Wasserman employees gathered to beautify and paint the inside of a Mosaic Family Services emergency shelter that provides a safe haven for human rights abuses, including human trafficking and domestic violence.



30 Wasserman employees gathered at Little Wormwood Scrubs to create new wildflower areas, improve pollinator friendly planting, and install beneficial features such as bug hotels and ponds.


3 Wasserman employees gathered to combat loneliness and inactivity by creating positive ageing booklets that allow the elderly to engage and learn through a fun filled activity.


130 Wasserman employees and community partners gathered to beautify 49th St Elementary School and successfully completed all murals, including 4 on the front of the school.


9 Wasserman employees gathered to paint 4 classrooms and 1 bathroom at Centro de Atención Integral Playa del Carmen, a school for youth with disabilities.



13 Wasserman employees and clients gathered at Huppeldepup Care Farm to build an outdoor lounge zone that will provide youngsters with a safe place to rest and refresh mentally.


5 Wasserman employees gathered at the historical Xochimico Park to help restore the park areas and pick up trash.


4 Wasserman employees gathered to help pick up trash and debris from Del Monte Beach, the largest accessible beach in Monterey.


18 Wasserman employees gathered to assemble planter boxes for Haywood Elementary School, using drills and glue to build the planter boxes from pre-cut lumber.


40 Wasserman employees gathered at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard to clear flower beds of exotic plants and weeds, prune historic street trees, till the beds, and plant native species to create bird and pollinator habitats year-round.


55 Wasserman employees gathered to design and decorate over 100 greeting cards online for students and teachers at PS 297K – Abraham Stockton.


29 Wasserman employees gathered to pick up litter along the shorelines of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers at Kelley Point Park.


45 Wasserman employees gathered at Wendell Elementary School and worked diligently to create a garden, spread mulch, and build a sensory walk and room.


12 Wasserman employees gathered at Family Service Association of San Antonio to provide instant transformational change to their lobby with a fresh coat of paint that instantly brightened up the place.


21 Wasserman employees gathered at Lindo Beach Stadium in Scheveningen to host an indoor beach volleyball tournament for students from disadvantaged areas in the Hague.


46 Wasserman employees and clients in Branson gathered to support the Ontario Streams Foundation restoration efforts by planting over 400 trees and cleaning up trash & foliage along the shorelines.