Ray McCallum Visits Sacramento Elementary School

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Sacramento Kings Point Guard Ray McCallum Visits John D. Sloat Elementary School in Sacramento

Ray McCallum of the Sacramento Kings visited John D. Sloat Elementary School in Sacramento, CA to encourage health and wellness through our ongoing partnership with Clinton’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  McCallum’s visit came as a reward to the school for its efforts in creating an after school program that encourages its students to eat better food, and to participate in physical activity.  McCallum toured the school, visited kindergarten classrooms and spoke to several hundred fourth, fifth and sixth grade students about the importance of health.  He also led a group of students in some of his favorite pregame stretches.

John D. Sloat Elementary School has been working with parents, teachers and the neighboring community to create an environment that encourages students to eat better food and to increase their physical activity. Many families have been participating in healthy challenges  at home and at school which focus on becoming more active, eating more fruits and vegetables and increasing water intake.