LAFD Funding Update – Structure Fire Gloves Now Arriving

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LAFD Funding Update – Structure Fire Gloves Now Arriving

After pandemic-induced manufacturing delays slowed the arrival of the LAFD’s new structure fire gloves, the first wave of the upgraded gloves is trickling in just in time. The standard issue structure gloves currently in use require replacing, as they are nearing the end of their 10-year service life.

Structure fires present some of the most challenging and dangerous working conditions imaginable. High heat, flames, and toxic smoke from building contents and construction materials create a risk-filled environment requiring the ultimate in fire protection.

“We test any potential new equipment thoroughly, far beyond its intended capability, to discover any potential weaknesses. So far, the new structure fire gloves are performing exceptionally well. These gloves also offer improved fit, dexterity and flexibility. They also hold up significantly better in wet conditions. Overall, the new structure fire gloves are a fantastic upgrade,” explained Captain Scott Kingsland, the Fire Control Officer at LAFD Drill Tower 81 in Van Nuys.


The firefighter on the right can be seen wearing a pair of the LAFD’s new structure fire gloves while protecting the Department’s most valuable asset – a teammate. This pitched roof operation requires intense focus, strength, balance, and the proper safety gear. The improved dexterity of the new gloves makes these types of challenging procedures a bit easier and safer. Photo by Mike Meadows.

At the request of LAFD leadership, the Foundation purchased 7,000 pairs of new gloves – enough to equip each firefighter with two pairs. Generous matching grants from the Annenberg Foundation and Wasserman Foundation, along with donations from individuals, organizations, and corporate partners allowed the LAFD Foundation to raise the $730,837 necessary to fulfill this top funding priority. THANK YOU to all who helped us provide this essential safety equipment for our firefighters.

Source publication: Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation