6 Must-Read Quotes from President Bill Clinton’s #PHASummit Speech

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6 Must-Read Quotes from President Bill Clinton’s #PHASummit Speech

In May 2004, President Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association launched the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Through President Clinton’s vision of bringing together business and nonprofit partnerships, like our landmark agreement with McDonald’s, the Healthier Generation Benefit, the American Beverage Association agreement and many more, we’ve worked together to create healthier school environments for more than 25 million students and counting. While we’ve made important progress, we still have a long way to go.

That’s why at the Partnership for a Healthier America 2017 Summit, President Clinton spoke about the power that business and nonprofit partnerships can have on childhood health. He announced through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Business Fund, we’ll be able to deepen our cooperation. Under the new Business Fund, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Partnership for a Healthier America will combine experiences and resources to create innovative solutions and partnerships with companies.

Here are President Clinton’s six must-read quotes on the intersection of business and health:

1. “Everyone should have access to a healthy diet, to a reasonable exercise program and to fundamental checkups.”

2. “There’s something to be said about second chances. Public health is about giving people second chances with their lives.”

3. “The truth is that in the world we live in, creative cooperation, involving diverse partnerships of people who both have lived different lives, and know different things, are the best mechanisms for solving complex social policy problems.”

4. “This work and that of the Partnership for a Healthier America, both of them show that networks of cooperation undertaken in good faith, by people who share the same goal, will work in most places.”

5. “I believe more strongly than I did ten years ago, that partnerships between diverse partners are still the best problem solvers.”

6. “Don’t ever devalue your potential to make a difference. Don’t ever assume someone will not help you. Don’t ever forget we now know that inclusion, diversity and creative cooperation lead to better results.”


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